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Work Comp Injury Care

Work-Related Injury/Illness Treatment 

Sacramento Occupational Medical Group provides flexible end-to-end solutions to assist companies in meeting all of their occupational health needs. Whether you need a thorough pre-placement physical, Worker’s Compensation treatment of injuries, or simply a drug screen collection site, we can handle it all!

Every injured worker will be thoroughly evaluated. We will take a careful history and make a qualified decision if in fact an injury is work related. We will do an thorough examination and order necessary testing. A treatment plan will be developed that maximizes the employees recovery, while minimizing collateral damage to the employer. We will communicate our findings clearly to both the employee and the company. Finally, we will listen, and answer questions from all sides.

With over 25 years of experience in Occupational Medicine, our outstanding customer service and patient care is second to none. Couple that with our competitive pricing and desire exceed all of your company’s expectations, and you have yourself an invaluable asset that will help ensure the health, wellness, and efficiency of your company.

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