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Reliable Drug Screening

It’s important to the productivity of your business and the safety of your employees that members of your workforce are properly drug tested. At Sacramento Occupational Medical Group, we provide reliable and accurate one-time and ongoing drug screenings for all new hire candidates and current employees.

Performing routine or one-time drug tests for employees can drastically improve your businesses productivity by: 

  • Reducing absenteeism and tardiness.
  • Improving company morale
  • Prevent work-related injuries or accidents

Court Ordered Drug Tests
At Sacramento Occupational Medical Group, we also provide drug testing for custodial disputes. As recreational and criminal drug use increases throughout the country, it’s important for the children and families involved, that a fit parent is granted custody. A drug test at Sacramento Occupational Medical Group is important in any custodial case that requires testing. You can trust our reliable and industry-leading standards to provide you and the court with accurate drug test results.

Interactions With Food & Medication
It’s important to be aware that some foods and over-the-counter medications can cause a false positive result for your test. It’s important that as you prepare to take our drug test you avoid the following medications and food to prevent false positives.

  • Cold, Asthma, and Allergy Medications
  • Hemp-Containing Products
  • Dextromethorphan
  • Vick’s Formula-44
  • Valerian Root
  • Poppy Seeds
  • Ibuprofen
  • Ephedra
  • Valium
  • Zoloft
  • And More

We offer DOT and Non-DOT Screening

Those in need of a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical may contact our office for an appointment. We also are qualified to obtain, review and report DOT drug tests by a certified MRO. We can provide drug tests that meet Federal “chain of custody” criteria.

However, whenever a test comes back positive, a GCMS is always performed in order to determine the validity of the positive result.

For a complete list of foods and medications to avoid prior to your screening, please call us at 916-387-6929.

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