How Able Are Your Workers, Really?

When recruiting new workers, Hiring Managers may rely on background checks, drug screens, pre-placement physicals, skills and personality assessments, among other tests; however, an often overlooked screening process can save your organization thousands by assessing a job candidate’s physical ability, and providing you a baseline of performance according to your Physical Job Demands Analysis. 

Considering it can cost an employer more than twice an employee’s annual salary in hard costs to ramp-in and train temporary staff and affecing your Worker’s Compensation insurance costs, prescreening a candidate at Sacramento Medical Group can help you make the right hiring choices.

Our state-of-the-art Agility Fitness Testing, using your pre-defined metrics, challenges your candidates’ ability to do the job requirements.  We can have workers lift, carry, climb, bend and squat while under load, as well as test endurance parameters on a treadmill.

Employers that prescreen using our Agility Fitness Testing, based on their Physical Job Demands Analysis, can expect less!

  • 50% Reduced Sprain/Strain Injuries
  • 50% Reduced Injury Rates
  • 50% Reduced Injury Costs

For more information, or to tour our facilities, please contact Janet Jimenez at 916-387-6929.