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Closed Dec. 25th & 26th

Sacramento Facility

5665 Power Inn Rd., Suite 120

Sacramento, CA 95824

Phone: (916) 387-6929

Fax: (916) 387-6977

Hours: 8 AM - 5 PM

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Rancho Cordova Facility

2708 Mercantile Drive

Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

Phone: (916) 469-9037

Fax: (916) 469-9814

Hours: 8 AM - 4 PM

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Your Partner in Occupational Health Care

Sacramento Occupational Medical Group is a leading provider of occupational medical services in the greater Sacramento area, with over 25 years in the field of occupational medicine.

Our goals for treating work-related injuries are simple: To provide the best medical care for the injured worker, and to return that worker to his/her regular duties as soon as possible.

We also know that while on the road to full recovery, injured employees need to feel productive, so we partner with the employer and the insurer to provide transitional solutions.

We at Sacramento Occupational Medical Group provide more than just injury treatment. We integrate a full spectrum of occupational health services to fulfill the needs of all, by providing solutions that promote wellness, injury prevention and return-to-work programs.

Our medical professional team is committed to developing partnerships for the creation of healthy workplaces through the delivery of high quality care and value-oriented services designed to enhance employee health and workplace productivity.

We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our services.